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Tomasz Zakrzewski

The Tomasz Zakrzewski Law Office offers professional legal services to both corporate and individual clients.


We are committed to providing high quality services to satisfy even the most demanding Clients. Our main values are reliability, professionalism and time-effective legal solutions.


The owner and founder of the Law Office is Tomasz Zakrzewski, attorney-at-law, who graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of ‎‎Łódź in 2004 and completed attorney's training period at the District Bar Council in Warsaw.


For many years Tomasz Zakrzewski was a corporate lawyer at Kulikowska & Kulikowski, a patent law firm which enjoys excellent reputation in the Polish market in the field of protection of Intellectual Property. Tomasz Zakrzewski completed his attorney's training period under the auspices of Włodzimierz Szoszuk, attorney at law and senior associate at the Wardyński i Wspólnicy Law Firm, with whom Zakrzewski cooperated during the training period with respect to court representation.


Apart from matters related to Intellectual Property and pursuing claims for damages due to infringement of personal rights or other types of violations of intangible property, Tomasz Zakrzewski also holds extensive experience in civil law, labor law and penal law cases.

He was called to the bar at the District Bar Council in Lódź.


In private life, Tomasz Zakrzewski is a man of many interests. His greatest passion is traveling. He is a co-founder of the Adventure Club "Darien" - www.darien.pl, which organizes trekking trips and expeditions to the farthest points in the world. He is also a frequent speaker at tourist events and an author of several articles in this field.


Languages: English, Spanish (fluent spoken and written)


Telephone +(0048) 501 703 082